Bill Richardson - The Dark Horse

After Hillary's disastrous debate performance in Philly, might Bill Richardson finally get his opportunity?

It's possible.

After all, John Edwards likely weakened himself with his aggressive attacks on Hillary. Barack Obama appears to be holding steady. And none of the other so-called "2nd Tier" candidates appear to be gaining any traction.

As a dark horse candidate, Richardson's fate probably rests on a decent showing in the retail politics of the Iowa Caucuses. Not only has he consistently been at the top of the 2nd tier, but this Pollster.com chart shows a distinct trend upwards for Richardson--along with a corresponding downward trend for Edwards.

Now comes news that famed Lee Iacocca--the man who saved Chrysler in the 1980s and a onetime presidential prospect himself--has endorsed Bill Richardson.

Has the dark horse finally begun to emerge?


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