Obama's Crossover Appeal

Michael Scherer (Barack Obama's Republican edge, Salon - 8.24.07) examines a little noticed or understood aspect of Barack Obama's candidacy: his appeal to Republicans.

A University of Iowa survey of Republican preference for president found that Romney #1, Rudy #2 and Obama #3.

Focus group guru Frank Luntz found that Republicans prefer Obama over Hillary and Edwards combined.

And a WaPo-ABC poll found that Republicans and Independents were more likely than Democrats to prefer Obama over Hillary.
What is Obama's attraction for Republicans?

A growing number of Republicans are simply tired of the nastiness of American politics today. And they see the polarizing tactics/personalities of the current crop of Republicans and Democrats as offering more of the same--except for Obama.

Of course, support from disaffected Republicans doesn't help Obama in his quest to win more Democratic Party primary votes than his rivals. It would, however, do him well in the Fall of '08 as the Democratic nominee.