GOP Rightwingers: Tancredo's the Genuine Article

Tom Tancredo noted today that the rest of the GOP presidential contenders are sounding an awful lot like him these days on immigration.

I’m happy now that almost every one of my colleagues, running for the Republican nomination, is sounding like Tom Tancredo when it comes to illegal immigration.”

Of course, Tancredo's right. They are NOW all for being super harsh to immigrants--especially those pesky Mexican laborers Americans love to employ.

Being the nativist leader that he is, Tancredo is moving on to bigger game. He's now focusing his attention back on those U.S. cities--Miami, New York, LA, et al--that he has maligned over the years as "third world." Tancredo now wants the federal government to punish these meccas of immigration for adopting humane policies.

BTW: Tancredo's nickname is "Tank." Apropos, because he is the German Panzer of American politics.

Of course, the ever versatile Mitt Romney has begun airing commercials of his own with a very Tancreodian message: Force the mayors and council members of so-called "Sanctuary" cities to adopt anti-immigrant codes or lose federal funding.

Funny, Romney never bothered Bedford, Boston, Cambridge, Lawrence, Lowell, Provincetown, Springfield, or any of those other "immigrant-friendly" cities in Massachusetts. But I digress.

So, I ask the GOP rightwingers again: Why settle for a Romney when you can have Tancredo?

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