Puerto Rico & Colombia - The World's Happiest Nations?

According to the World Values Survey, Puerto Rico is the world's second happiest nation. Yes! The people of La Isla del Encanto are filled with alegria -- even though their island nation is a 'commonwealth' of the currently unhappy USA. Coming in third on the happy meter is Colombia.
The photo above makes clear why the people of Puerto Rico are so smiley: they're actually Taíno gods and goddesses, catching rays and taking refreshing dips into the emerald green sea. And we know about Juanes, El Pibe, Shakira and Gabriel of Cartagena. What more proof do we need?

The Happy Ten:
No. 1: Denmark
No. 2: Puerto Rico
No. 3: Colombia
No. 4: Iceland
No. 5: Northern Ireland
No. 6: Ireland
No. 7: Switzerland
No. 8: Netherlands
No. 9: Canada
No. 10: Austria