Obama Makes History Today!

Barack Obama has received enough delegates (super and pledged), including those from today's the final primaries in Montana and South Dakota, to clinch the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.


The son of a Kenyan man who was raised by his white American mother, grew-up in Hawaii, and lived in Indonesia. Who studied at Columbia, Harvard and was selected Law Review Editor at Harvard Law.

The one who passed on the big bucks of Wall Street in favor of advocating for the poor and voiceless of Chicago.

The man who burst onto the national scene with his incredible, poetic and timely speech about One America at the 2004 Democratic National Conference. The very same man who shortly thereafter won an open U.S. Senate in Illinois with a record 90% of the vote.

This was also the man who gave one of the finest candidate announcement speeches on the frigid day in Springfield Illinois. And later in Philadelphia, while exhibiting grace under fire like few others in contemporary politics, gave the finest speeches on race in American history.

The man who has truly harnessed the power of the internet and created the first true peoples campaign of modern times.

The man whom "connected" African American pols dismissed in favor of Ms Hillary but whoim the people came to to love. The man middle Americans, urban, rich, poor, people of faith--and especially hardworking Whites have flocked to in droves--even if rightwing haters want us to believe otherwise.

The very same man that has withstood an endless round of attacks from rightwing politics and their radio and cable scheechers as well as from the Clinton smear machine. The same man the even today has the wingnuts going after his wife Obama.

And it's that man that still Hillary and Bill (and their ragged gang of sycophants and money launderers) have to this day given respect.

The law professor from the University of Chicago, and the author of the brilliantly written The Audacity of Hope and Dreams from My Father.

That man, father of the two little girls, husband of Michelle's--a family that exemplies the best of America now and to come.

That man. Obama. The next President of the U.S.A.

As Obama has repeatedly stated, "Only in America".