Katie: An American in Scotland Misses Puerto Rico

Katie (aka, Long Aye-lander in Glasgow) is an American living in Scotland and missing Puerto Rico. Here's her latest post entitled: From Manhattan to Maricao: a Puerto Rican Odyssey.

I love visiting Puerto Rico. It’s relaxed yet alive, urban yet natural, American yet Latin American. If I wasn’t so set on going to Scotland, I could easily picture myself living in a little casita with a palm tree in the back garden.

Adrian is fond of pointing out the similarities between Scotland and Puerto Rico. He sites their shared love of fried food (and resulting obesity problems), extreme national pride, friendliness and political situations. As a semi-autonomous territory of the United States, Puerto Rico’s relationship with America is similar to Scotland’s relationship with England. And, just like in Scotland, people make a lot of noise about independence but nothing ever gets done about it.

Of course, Scotland and Puerto Rico are probably more different than they are similar. Scotland is wet, cold and miserable 80% of the time; Puerto Rico is warm and sunny 80% of the time. Puerto Rico is seriously overcrowded – 4 million people squashed into 3,515 sq mi – while Scotland only has 5 million people on its 30,414 sq mi of land. Scottish people may sound like they’re speaking another language, but Puerto Ricans ARE speaking another language. Most Puerto Ricans are naturally fabulous dancers; Scottish people…well, not so much. Adrian is perplexed by what he calls “white people dancing.” His attempts to imitate “white people dancing” are usually ridiculous but not all that far off the mark. Observe:

Ah, Puerto Rico - land of palm trees, beautiful beaches, insane traffic, reggaeton and Ricky Martin.

I miss you already.