Kalyn Free: When Indians Vote, America Wins

Kalyn Free, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, is the founder and President of INDN's List.

The Indigenous Democratic Network, INDN's List, is the only political organization that recruits, trains, and funds Indian candidates and staff and mobilizes the Indian Vote throughout America.

INDN's List is affiliated with The Democratic Party.

Kalyn Free believes that "[t]he 1st Americans shouldn't be the last to be represented".

Click here for Kalyn's biography and here for the INDNS's List video.

Also, click here for the story of INDN's List confronting Montana’s Ed Butcher, a Republican state representative, for his persistent racial insensitivity aganist Montana's Native Americans. Most recently, Butcher ridiculed fellow legislator Jonathan Windy Boy (Chippewa Cree) as “Chief Windy Boy” and inquiring whether he would wield his vice-chairman’s gavel as a “war club.”