Who Won the 9/25 Presidential Debate? Obama

Video Clip of the Debate's Defining Exchange

Senator Barack Obama won this evening's first presidential debate at Ole Miss for these reasons:

- Obama more than held his own against a 26 year political veteran.
- Obama offered superior judgement in pursuit of national security interests.
- Obama was gracious, respectful and likable.
- Obama offered proposals that benefit middle Americans - tax cuts, smarter foreign policy, energy diversification, affordable college, etc.
- Obama looked and sounded like a commander-in-chief.
- Obama displayed a command of domestic and foreign policy.

In comparison, McCain was overly aggressive, condescending and repeatedly misrepresented Obama's positions. Additionally....

- McCain had surprisingly little to offer Americans on economics.
- McCain came off like an stubborn old man on the issue of the Iraq War.
- McCain was ungracious, condescending, and dismissive. He never looked at Obama.
- McCain became visibly angry when challenged.
- McCain repeatedly threw his political ally George W. Bush under the bus.
- McCain seemed too desperate, repeatedly pleading for support.