Blogging Tonight's PBS Republican Forum at Morgan State U.

Speaking of debates...

Republican presidential hopefuls are scheduled to do their own PBS-Tavis Smiley forum tonight from Baltimore's Morgan State University.

The controversy heading into this event is that a number of the leading candidates are not attending. That is, Republicans are continuing their cross-country campaign of dissing any and all presidential forums targeting African American and Latino audiences.

As I did the Democratic PBS-Tavis Smiley forum in Washington DC, I'll join a group of bloggers from across the country in blogging this one as well. Credit to Robert Cox of the Media Bloggers Association and the folks at PBS/Tavis Smiley for encouraging bloggers--especially bloggers of color--to participate in these events.

While the audience for this forum will be miniscule, I suspect it'll offer some very interesting and, possibly, newsworthy moments.

Until later.

See Who Won the PBS-Tavis Smiley Republican Presidential Forum? Mike Huckabee, Tavis and the 1st African American Female Combat Pilot. (American Taíno - 9.27.07) for the rest of my comments.

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